Counting Lions Cover

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My new book 'Counting Lions - Portraits From the Wild' will be published on 1st October in the UK by Frances Lincoln Children's Books and 15th October in the US by Candlewick Press. I have now received my first copy of the book and am thrilled with it. I am really delighted with the quality of paper and printing, so my drawings look great inside the book. I will be releasing images from inside the book over the coming weeks, so revisit regularly. You can go here to see and pre order the book from the publishers - Frances Lincoln.

About the book

An art-inspired gift that makes learning to name and explore wildlife a family adventure. Larger-than-life black and white drawings are paired with poetic texts that reveal the ways in which endangered creatures – including lions, elephants, giraffes, tigers, gorillas, penguins, Ethiopian wolves, macaws, turtles and zebras – live on Earth. Artworks by wildlife artist Stephen Walton are rendered in charcoal and give little ones the chance to get up close and personal with nature's wildest creatures. Virginia McKenna – actress and wildlife campaigner – has written a foreword which urges us to look at the beauty of these animals and do all we can to save them. A 5% royalty will be donated to her Born Free foundation.

Review from The Bookseller - "This looks stunning: get up close and personal with some of nature’s wildest creatures in spectacular full-page drawings." Selected for the non-fiction category in the Children’s Previews.